Celtic Bowl

These Stained Martin Mcelhone of Bellhagy Northern Ireland Glass items are all handmade by Martin ("Barney") McElhone, a native of Bellaghy, County Derry, Northern Ireland, in his Westfield Massachusetts studio. 413-695-2475

Decorative Fluted Glass Bowls #BOW1

Our bowls are made from hand-cut, fused stained-glass, which is first fired in a kiln to fuse the Celtic Knot design between two pieces of glass. After a slow cooling process, the fused piece is set on a mold and refired, where it takes it shape of fluted-edges. Then the piece goes through another slow cooling process. The small bubbles and imperfections are characteristic of the process, which make each bowl a one of a kind.

The bowls come in blue or green. For decorative use only.

Price: $80.00 US each

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