Wedding Gift Plate

These Stained Martin Mcelhone of Bellhagy Northern Ireland Glass items are all handmade by Martin ("Barney") McElhone, a native of Bellaghy, County Derry, Northern Ireland, in his Westfield Massachusetts studio. 413-695-2475

Customized Wedding Gift Set

Wedding Set

This lovely pair of customized glasses for the bride and groom. They have a carved claddagh design with the bride and groom's name and date of wedding, or can be custom carved with your own design. Glasses are 8 1/4" tall, and come boxed.

Our wedding or anniversary gift plate can be customized just for you. Give as a wedding gift with the bride and groom's wedding invitation carved on it. Also makes a great anniversary gift with the Irish Blessing or your own special congratulations carved on. Plate size is 10" dia., and comes boxed.

For customized work, please allow additional shipping time.